Collection and processing of E-Waste (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – WEEE).

Green ABLE collects redundant office e-waste. We collect printers; printer cartridges; phones; laptops; PC’s; servers and more. These items are dismantled and separated into their recyclable components (mainly plastic and metals), which are subsequently sold to recyclers. Some of the plastics are processed onsite and then moulded into the ‘eezigo Designed for mobility’ Laptop Stand.

BEE benefits for Sponsors

Companies sponsor learners at Green ABLE, which creates employment, skills development and workplace experience. Staff attend learnerships during their employment with Green ABLE, with the aim of learning the skills required in order to better their employment. The costs involved are funded by a Sponsor who receives BEE benefits in return.

Creating circularity (contributing to Circular economies).

We are able to assist companies in creating circularity (or close the loop) with their waste. We can assist in manufacturing products from waste, thereby closing the loop within a business and creating a circular economy within waste streams..